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Helpful Links for Spanish Students

Resources/Links/Fun Stuff

Virginia Foreign Language Standards of Learning

Glencoe Level 1 ¡Buen viaje! Supplemental activities

Tips for studying foreign languages

Why study Spanish?


Grammar/Vocab Review:



Quiz Sites:

Coming soon.


Spanish Game sites:

             This site contains games that review family members, seasons, numbers, etc. For many topics in Spanish!


Grammar Youtube videos:

¡órale, el alfabeto! Song with Basho and Friends

Days and months song with Basho and Friends

Ser v. Estar Rap

Reflexive Verbs- Señor Bean

IOPS and DOPS Pokemon Theme

Ar, er, ir Conjugation Style- Gangam Style

Cry me a verb- review of regular and irregular verbs in the present tense

Gusta- Song for gustar

Reflex your verby-- reflexive verbs


Música latina:

Waka Waka- Shakira

Los Enanitos Verdes- Argentina

Maná- Mexico

La Oreja de Van Gogh- Spain



All about Spain/Todo sobre España


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