Ir a + Infinitive


•Means ‘to go’

Yo  voy    Nosotros vamos

Tú   vas    Vosotros vais


Él  va  Ellos   van

Ella  va    Ellas   van

Usted va    Ustedes van



•Means that you are going to do something in the future.
–I am going to study tonight.
–Yo voy a estudiar esta noche.
–She is going to work tomorrow.
–Ella va a estudiar manana.

How to use ir a + infinitive:
Conjugate ir to the subject that is going to do something. Carry 'a,' and add the infinitive form of the verb that shows what is going to be done.

ir + infinitive

Ella va a estudiar mañana.

Ella va (ir) a (a) estudiar (infinitive) mañana

Translate the following:


•We are going to look at the dog.


•He is going to arrive tonight.


•Eliana is going to drink the lemonade.