Jan 22 Agenda Spanish I


Fecha Hoy es martes, el 22 de enero de 2013
Objetivos Identify #1-30, the alphabet, greetings, and days of the week. State the date in Spanish.
Warm up

Identify the following in Spanish:

1. How are you?

2. Sit down

3. Repeat

4. Please

5. What's your name?

6. Don't mention it.

Items of the day

Warm up (issue warm up sheets and HW stamp sheets)

HW review

Issue HW passes

Practice alphabet

Practice numbers

Learn to 30/ handout sheets

Time to work on dialogues/practice

Dialogue presentations

Learn the days of the week, months of the year.

Learn how to say the date

Worksheet on the calendar

Finish early?- practice the numbers to 30


Quiz on the alphabet this Thursday.

Quiz on everything we learned on Friday.

We are beginning chapter 1 mañana!