Jan 7 Agenda Spanish II

Fecha Hoy es lunes, el 7 de enero de 2013
Objetivos Descibe a trip on a train.
Warm up


1. I made the trip!

2. The conductor told us to get on the train.

3. Julia knew how to do it.

4. Oscar and I walked on the platform.

5. They put the luggage in the compartment.

Items of the day

Warm up

HW review- worksheet

Discuss plans for the week.

Lecutra- En el AVE

Oral vocab spelling drill.

Worksheet on irregular verbs.

Begin work on Study Guides (due Tuesday for 1st period , Wednesday for  2nd period. Chapter 13 tests will be on those days. Immediately following the tests, you will be working on the end of course study guides.)



Tarea Finish study guide