Los verbos en el singular


All verbs conjugate.

We already know one: Ser.


Yo soy  Nosotros somos

Tú eres  Vosotros sois

Él, ella, ud. es  Ellos, ellas, uds. son


What is a verb?


  A verb indicates action. All the verbs we are learning end in –ar. Verbs also have stems, which have been underlined.


  necesitar    pagar  hablar

  To need  To pay   To speak

  comprar  llevar

    To buy  To take

The subject pronouns: Review


I  _________


  You (inf.)  _________


  He  _________

  She  _________

  You (form.)  _________

For every pronoun, we must take –ar off of the verb and add the following:


Yo  -o


  Tú    -as


  él    -a

  Ella  -a

  Usted    -a

Putting it together: The steps


1.Take a verb and chop off the last two letters.


  Mirar à Mir-


2. Add the ending on the end to show who or what is doing the verb.


  Yo mir+o = Yo miro  I look.


Tú mir+as = Tú miras  You look.


Our first verb: Necesitar. To need.


  Yo necesito  I need


  Tú necesitas  You need


  Él necesita  He needs

  Ella necesita  She needs

  Usted necesita  You need

Hablar to speak


Yo hablo  I speak


Tú hablas    You speak


Él habla  He speaks

Ella habla  She speaks

Usted habla  You speak

Comprar- to buy


Yo compro  I buy


Tú compras    You buy


Él compra  He buy

Ella compra   She buy

Usted compra  You buy

Llevar- to wear/to bring


Yo _________  I wear


Tú _________     You wear


Él _________   He wears

Ella _________   She wears

Usted _________   You wear



1.I wear a blue shirt.

2.She speaks Spanish.
3.You (inf) buy markers.
4.He needs a red hat.
5.She wears two shoes.
6.I pay two pesos.
7.You (form) speak German.