Oct 11 Agenda Spanish II

Fecha Hoy es Jueves, el 11 de octubre de 2012
Objetivo Identify and describe the scenes at an airport and flying in a plane.
Warm up

Identify whether you would use saber or conocer in the following statements. Write only the verb for each one.

1. I know her.

2. She knows how to play basketball.

3. We know about the history of the United States.

4. You all know that Spanish class is easy.

5. He knows about the theory very well.

6. Eliana knows her dog.

7. We know how to speak Korean.

8. They know New York City.

Items of the day

Warm up

HW review

Go over quiz

Video- saber v. conocer

Saber v. Conocer practice

Continue practice on saber v. conocer

Learning new verbs chart- complete

Vocab organization activity-cut and paste

Translate p. 336-337

Tarea Workbook p. 136 act H, p. 137 act K