Oct 2 Agenda Spanish I


Fecha 2 de octubre de 2012
Objetivo utilize verbs in a new context.
Warm up

conjugation of verbs review. Conjugate and translate.

1. Yo _______________(hablar).

I __________________________

2. Ella _______________(necesitar).

She _________________________

3. Usted _______________ (pagar).

You _________________________

4. Tú _________________ (comprar).

You _________________________

5. él _________________ (mirar).

He ________________________

Items of the day

Warm up

HW review (p. 21 D and E)

Continue AR ppt


Ar verb practice (p. 86 act 18)

AR verbs worksheet done as class

Listening p. A11 B, C

Verb game- juego de dados

Tarea Text p. 78 act 3. Write the entire sentence and translate to English.