Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Verbs



•Reflexive verbs are used to tell when somebody or something is doing something to or for themselves.
•In English, some of these verbs look like this:
•I am looking at myself
•She is cutting her hair
•He cut himself by accident
•Ponerse la ropa




•You will need the object pronouns to be able to use reflexive verbs.

  Me (for Yo)                  Nos (for Nosotros)

  Te (for Tú)                  Os (For Vosotros)

  Se (for él, ella, usted)  Se (for ellos, ellas, ustedes)


•Next, we will look at lavarse to help us learn.
•To make the reflexive words work, we must place the object pronoun before the conjugated verb.

yo me lavo   nosotros nos lavamos

tú te lavas      vosotros os laváis   

él se lava                 ellos se lavan



A las ocho de la mañana, yo me levanto y me lavo la cara.


  At eight o’clock in the morning, I get up and I wash my face.


After eating her breakfast, she brushes her hair.



Después de desayunarse, ella se peina.







•Jack gets out of bed.
•They shave.
•They put their make up on.