Sept 19 Agenda Spanish I


Fecha 19 de septiembre
Objetivos Tell time in Spanish, describe school and courses
Warm Up  

Pluralize and translate the following:

1.El profesor interesante.
2.La clase aburrida.
3.La muchacha argentina.
4.El alumno popular.
5.El curso difícil.
Items of the day  

Warm up

HW review- clocks

Practice numbers to 60 (w/ball)

Continue/practice telling time. Video

Vocab review

Listening (vocab) p. A6 G and A (27/28)

Text practice p. 56 act 19

Translation activity

First quiz is this Friday (vocab and ser).

Tarea: Workbook p. 13 activities D and E.


Workbook p. 13 activities D and E.