The Present Progressive


•The present progressive equivalent in English is ‘–ing.’

  She is walking.


  I am watching.


  We are studying.


•All –ar verbs have a new ending:



  Simply add –ando to the stem.


1. Hablar -> Hablando.


•For –er and –ir verbs, drop the ending and add –iendo.

  Comer -> comiendo

  Vivir -> viviendo


Give the present progressive of each verb.


1.Cantar ___________
2.Poner ___________
3.Necesitar ___________
4.Salir ___________
5.Llegar ___________
6.Vender ___________
7. Vivir ___________
8. Correr ___________
9. Dormir ___________
10. Volver ___________



•Verbs like traer, creer, and leer have an irregular spelling.


    Yo estoy trayendo la comida.

    I am bringing the food.


  Ella está creyendo el muchacho.

    She is believing the boy.


Nosotros estamos leyendo el periódico.


  We are reading the newspaper.


VENIR is also irregular and so is IR.

Venir -> viniendo

Ir -> yendo


•With the present progressive, use estar before the verb.

  Yo estoy hablando.  I am talking.


  Tú estás bebiendo agua.  You are drinking   water.

 Translate the following:


1.I am singing. (cantar)
2.She is reading Romeo and Juliet.
3.We are waiting for the plane. (esperar)
4. They are putting the luggage in the taxi


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