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Innovations & Contributions

They had a large, organized army that was well trained and could be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Read the innovative techniques and weapons the Assyrians developed.



Using ladders, Assyrian archers launched waves of arrows against opponents defending the city walls. Meanwhile, Assyrian troops threw their ladders up against the walls and began their climb into the enemy’s stronghold. Assyrian troops were armed with the best weapons of the time, iron- tipped spears, as well as iron daggers and swords. They were also protected with armor and large shields. Assyrian tactics were savage in their treatment of defeated opponents. Those who were not slaughtered in the initial attack were often impaled or beheaded, while women and children were sometimes murdered or sold into slavery. The Assyrian army used sappers—soldiers who dug tunnels to sap, or undermine, the foundations of the enemy’s walls so that they would fall. 


Get 2 Months for $5!