How and why I grade what I grade


In my class I assess the students through class participation, homework, quizzes, projects, and tests.

Class participation is very important. This means working efficiently on problems with me, each other, and individually during class time. This is where a majority of the students’ learning comes from, so it can impact the students' grade a great deal. Handing in the "exit ticket" at the end of class is a part of their class participation.

Homework is, sadly, a must. I know I know, but why do we need it? Homework helps the students, remember what I taught in class better and longer, work independently, build good study skills, get ready for next day’s class, as well as many other reasons. It also lets the students' parents know what the students are working on in class. Because of all this homework does have a large impact on the student’s grade.  

Quizzes are very important in letting me know how well each student can work and how well they know the information independently. With an in class quiz I will be able to know fully that the students worked alone on their work. They are also a great way to let me, and the students, know how they are doing grade-wise throughout the year.

Projects are a great way of showing me what the students know in a more interactive and fun way. They can make posters graphing functions, labeling everything on the graph, and then present it to the class, or to me (depending on what makes them more comfortable). This is a low stress, but very informative, method of learning. Projects often show how the math we learn in class connects to everyday life. They also teach you how to work well with others in order to meet an end goal.

Tests make up a large amount of the students’ grade. They show me how much information the student has been able to retain over an extended period of time as well as prepare our 9th and 10th graders for the MCAS and our 11th and 12th                                                                                    graders for the SATs and the ACTs.