Classroom Procedures

The average day of class will consist of three different sections: an activator, a lecture/working together on problems with the class, and ending with the students working together in groups on problems I’ve given.

Every class will start with an activator. This activator will probably take around 5-15 minutes, depending on the activity, and will consist of basic questions about what we learned in the last class and whatever review we need for the new topic. It will be individual work and most of the time it will be carried out through Kahoot or Plicker.

After this the class is separated into lecturing, worksheets, and hands-on work.

I will probably spend about 30% to 50%, depending on the day, of the remaining class time on lecturing and going over problems with the class as a whole. During this time, I expect the students to ask questions, follow along, and take notes.

The remainder of the class will be spent on group work and/or activities. If the class can stay on topic there will not be any assigned seats. The students will be at desk clumps of about 4 people. They will work together on a set of problems or on an activity. Math is very difficult at times, and because of that it can be very anxiety inducing. I feel that working with those that the student's are most comfortable with will relieve their anxiety and allow them to teach each other through the struggle. During this time, I will be going around class answering questions and helping groups carry out their work. They should be able to hand in their individually finished worksheet by the end of the class. If not they have it as homework due the next class.

At the end of almost every class I will leave some class time for the students to work on one simple problem individually that will be handed in at the end of the class. This will be called an "exit ticket". This will be a part the student's participation grade. It doesn't matter whether the student gets it right or wrong. This is just a way for me to see how well each student understood that day's subject.