Classroom Rules

  1. Students must use their phones respectfully. There should not be excessive use of  phones in the classroom. Following along in my lectures and working together with students without too many distractions is a must. 
  2. Students much be impeccable with their word. This basically means, don't say mean things. Our voices are incredibly powerful. Homophobic/transphobic rhetoric and racial slurs will not be tolerated within my classroom. Everyone’s preferred pronouns must also be respected at all times. This also means that students are never to put anyone down or bully anyone for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Come prepared! Students must bring any note paper, binders, folders, etc. that they will need during class to take notes and work with others efficiently. Bring pencils, NOT pens. Math students will make mistakes and if they use a pen they can’t erase those mistakes. It gets very messy very fast.
  4. Students must try their best to stay on task. I rely on my students to work in groups efficiently during the class time in order to carry out the problems I give. If they aren’t on task when working in these groups they aren’t contributing to the class or learning what they need to learn.