Discipline Policy

The rules in my classroom are very important. Most of the time if a student breaks a rule, excluding rule 2, the first couple of times I’ll pull them to the side and talk to them about it. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to pay attention and stay on task some days, but if it becomes a common problem, then we will have to talk. If after we talk the student is still disrupting the classroom enough to get my attention, then I will have to contact home.

If I see a student using their phone excessively, the first couple of times I will tell them to put it away. If I think it's becoming a problem I will take it away and they'll have to get it back after the day is done. 

When it comes to using homophobic/transphobic rhetoric, racial slurs, putting other students down, and bullying there will be no tolerance. After the first incident I will talk with a student privately and I will be contacting home.

I hope that we can have a fun year and that we can create a community that is safe and efficient for all students!