I expect my students to:

  • Think positively when it comes to math. You’re going to be even more miserable if you have a bad attitude towards it. Just because you can't find the square root of x on the first try doesn't make you a bad student.
  • Keep trying after you’ve failed. You’re going to mess up, it’s math! But don’t quit. Talk to me and talk to your peers. There so many people around to help! 
  • Have Patience. You need patience when it comes to math.
  • Ask me questions! If you don’t want to ask in front of the whole class come up to me afterword or email me using the contact information in the “communication” section above.
  • Be healthy (mentally and physically). You can’t learn if you’re not keeping your body and mind in shape. If you feel sick, or you’re just having one of those days, go to the nurse’s office for the class. I’m also always here if you need to talk!

What you should expect from me:

  • To see my students equally. Every student is capable of amazing things.
  • To be just in my actions. I try to be as fair as I can, but if you ever feel as if one of the ways in which I conduct my class is unfair, tell me!
  • To care about your well-being. We’re all in this together. I’m going to make sure that’ll we’ll get out together too.

What parents should expect from me:

  • I’m going to create a same environment for your kids. Mental and physical safety is the most important thing in a school.
  • I will respect my students.
  • I will keep the students’ wants and needs into consideration at all times.

What classroom environment should be expected:

  • A completely safe learning environment where no student should feel attacked or ridiculed.
  • A great place to learn math!

What I expect from parents:

  • If you ever feel like your child isn’t being treated fairly, contact me!
  • If you ever feel like your child needs more attention than other students let me know and we can set something up. Look at the “more help!” section above for more information on that.
  • To always try and keep in mind that I always am always thinking of what’s best for the student.