Homework Policy

As I said in the “assessment/grading,” homework is, sadly, a must. I know I know, but why do we need it? Homework helps you remember what I taught in class better and longer, it helps students work independently, if helps students build good study skills, it helps students get ready for next day’s class, it helps let your parents know what you’re learning in school, as well as many other reasons. Because of all this homework does have a large impact on the student’s grade.  

I’ll give homework usually everyday and it will usually be due the next day we have class, unless it’s a larger assignment. I expect each student to have most of the work done, but if they entirely don’t understand how to do one or two questions, and they bring that up to me in class, I won’t penalize them. We can go over it in class together so that the student can better understand it. If they still don’t understand it, we can set up a time to work one on one with it.

If a student was absent, then the work that should have been turned in the day that student was absent should be turned in the next day they’re in class. The homework due the day that student is back from their absence they should hand in the next day we all have class again. Homework, with no excuse for being late, will lose 5 points every day it’s late and after a week I will not accept it. If a student feels like they have a just excuse as to why they were unable to do the homework on time, bring it up with me and we can talk. If a student missed a quiz or test they have a week to make it up or they will get a zero. If a student ever sees that they got a zero on an assignment that they believe they have done, bring it up with me!