Educational Websites

Research Site for Research Reports


Science – FOSS


This site lets you explore science, history, space, technology, animals, & more, with videos too!


A fun site that offers many different types of information on animals.


A fun way to learn about different types of animals that live in the rainforest!


National Geographic for Kids






Multiplication Facts Practice 

Math games and multiplication facts practice!


For math practice, brain teasers, games and more - make sure to visit this site!


Math games, puzzles, quizzes and worksheets!



AAA Math: For information on math concepts, practice questions and games!


Cool Math for Kids


SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator


Multiplication Table

Math Worksheet Site  


A great site for learning fractions


Flashcards, practice questions, games and more! 



Third grade vocabulary practice


Dictionary and Thesaurus


This site allows you to choose from thousands of book titles based on your interests and individual reading level. It also gives your child the opportunity to take quizzes on books they have read at home. This is so much fun!


To play vocabulary games, learn about each story’s author, practice each week's grammar skills and much, much more!




A great way to study each week's spelling list! You will find fun games and exercises to help you get ready for your Spelling Test!




The latest news from around the world for kids in grades K-6


Online educational games for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

Kid Safe Searching


One Key


Yahoo Kids