Parent agreement

Mr. Garza’s Drivers Education

Great Falls Public Schools


My Philosophy

I will teach students how to be safe and productive drivers.

Driving is something that should be taken seriously. Driving is a privilege not a right. I will always stress the importance of being patient and not giving into peer pressure to perform a risky behavior.


Cost: $150 per student, this fee will have been paid at the parent/student registration at either GFHS or CMR. Checks are to be written to Great Falls Public Schools (GFPS).


Attendance: Students will be required to spend a minimum of 42 hours in the classroom and at least 6 hours behind the wheel. Students are allowed to make up 4.5 hours of class time, students may also make up 2 drives (absences must be scheduled in advance). If more absences occur students may be dropped.


Make up for absences: Students may be required to observe drives or complete classroom work missed for missed class time.


Testing and Grades:

  • A written State of Montana Test for the LL permit will be given by the classroom instructor soon after the first week of class. If a student does not pass the test (82% or better), the test can be retaken at the Department of Motor Vehicles when records of class participation is submitted as indicated by the instructor.

  • If the student does not pass the driving portion of the test the student will be required to retake the test at the DMV. Note: 10% of driver will be required to take the test regardless of the outcome of their test with instructor.

  • If the student does not pass the classroom portion of the class (80%) they will not receive credit for drivers education.


BTW: Attendance must be in compliance with district policy stated above. Students will be required to make up missing drives at the availability to the instructor.

Students will drive in groups of 3 when available and will always drive with another student in the car. These drives will take place in 90 minute sessions with each driver taking the wheel for 30 minutes. All students will be required to drive 12 times and observe up to 24 drives of other students.


Sequence of BTW Lessons:

  1. Car orientation

  2. Basic Car Maneuvers

  3. Residential Driving

  4. Mid Speed Driving

  5. Turning Around

  6. Highway Drive

  7. Interstate Drive

  8. Complex Drive

  9. Passing/Down and Back 10th

  10. Parking

  11. Pre Test Drive

  12. Driving Test


Behavior & Expectations:

  • Students will not be tardy to class any tardy exceeding 15 minutes will count as an absence. Students need to come prepared with a pencil, black pen, red pen, notebook and note cards.

  • Drivers are expected to be alert and ready to take to the road. Observers are expected to be alert and watching for correct and incorrect actions taken by the driver.

  • The instructor will give the driver direct instructions in order to keep the driver and observers safe while on the road. The driver is expected to follow these instructions immediately without complaint or question.

  • Parents and Drivers are expected to complete a drive log only upon the receiving of th LL by the student. They will also be responsible for completing any KEYS assignments on time.


Implied Consent: By signing this document you are agreeing to drug or alcohol testing under reasonable suspicion. As a parent, you will be given the opportunity to be present at the time of testing and will be given the opportunity to view the results. A result that breaks the school policy or laws in place could result in removal from the program.