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Accomodations refers to the educational and evaluation strategies, human resources and/or custom equipment that the student needs to learn and demonstrate learning. The expectations of the provincial curriculum for the year of study are not altered by the use of accommodations.

Accomodations are used in the IEP form to refer to ontario curriculum subjects or courses in which the student requires only adjustments to meet the expectations for the year of study.

Accommodations include educational strategies, assessment strategies, human resources and/or personalized equipment that help students learn and demonstrate learning. The accomodations described in the IEP should include only strategies and supports that differ from those offered to other students in the class during teaching.

The student must be provided with all accomodations in the IEP.

Pedagogical accomodations - These are changes to pedagogical strategies to enable the student to learn and progress in their curriculum study.
Environmental accomodations - These are changes or supports that are added to the classroom or school environment.
Evaluation accomodations - These are changes to assessment activities and methods to allow the student to demonstrate their learning.

(Plan d’enseignement individualisé (PEI). 2004)

Everyone can benefit from accomodations so they are available to each student.

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