In courses where the student needs significant modifications, the annual purpose should describe what the student should reasonably have completed at the end of the course. The annual goal is a reasonable objective and not a rigid requirement. The annual goal may need to be revised as the teacher develops a better understanding of the student's learning processes. It could also be revised to reflect the student's learning and skills.

Modifications are changes to the student's grade expectations for a subject or course to meet the student's learning needs. These changes may include different expectations that reflects the knowledge and skills that are required in the curriculum for another year of study. These changes may also be aimed at increasing or reducing the number and/or complexity of expectations for the year of study. Student may also include accomodations to help their learning.

(Plan d’enseignement individualisé (PEI). 2004.)

Throughout the year, the teacher assesses the strengths and needs of each student with special needs in the subject/course. The teacher reviews the expectations and learning content of the framework program. The teacher changes the expectations of the framework program and develops an assessment task that is commensurate with the student. 

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