About Me

Introducing, I am a creature of God who comes from Ngawensari Village, Ringinarum District, Kendal Regency. I write on my main blog, which is www.mrghonie.com. I write about information about Android from how to customize ROM, root, various software and hardware, techno and also discuss anything about blogs.
When I first got interested in the world of blogs, was the moment when I had a new hobby, namely reading! Read all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction books. Novels, encyclopedias, language dictionaries, comics, scientific works, fairy tales and biographies to dairy friends: D.
Until finally the reading media began to move. Yes, previously reading media were mostly formed from a number of information printed on paper (printed reading media), so the trend shows a shift towards electronic reading media. I started to switch to using electronic reading media, of course, to be able to access there must be an electronic device. Yep, smart phone.
As easy as it is to access any reading with this smart phone, I came to a very curious position. So, who is actually filling the literature on the internet?
Who is trying? It turns out that "the writer" that made me curious was also human. Yes, ordinary people as usual. : D
Another question arises, why do they spend their time just writing? Is there really a specific job for this position?
While thinking and continuing to find out, it turns out that they are not spending their time just for nothing. They work and contribute, and what's most surprising of all, they get paid too! Naturally, they would spend hours or even days creating quality articles.
Finally, in 2015 I tried to create a blog and it only contained a diary about love stories at school. Previously the blog was still very cute, didn't know the domain.
In that year, I was still a student at an educational institution in a village in the Tanggungharjo area. Class 12 high school, to be precise. Yes, almost at school exams instead of studying, they actually explore what blogger is, watching videos on YouTube!
Uh yes, I also have a lover. What I often ignore the chat because I am excited about learning blogs! Hihii, yes. Very grateful he was very generous and broad apologetic. Have been very patient to accompany me from 2012 to ..... Nothing arrived, just keep wanting to be together. : D
I really love "him", really! (Bucin mode on).

Okay. Finally, apologize if the writing on my blog is still messy and there are words that are not right. Thank you for visiting my blog.

For more information, contact me at:
089601708666 or email to mr.ghonie@gmail.com