Sites for Students

Links to Sites for Students
Here are some of the best websites we use in our classroom. Please enjoy the many interactive stories and games as you practice some of the skills we’ve learned. Be sure to share these websites with your parents.

Read Stories Online

            StoryLine Online
This site has many storybooks read aloud to you by a variety of movie and television stars including James Earl Jones, Amanda Bynes, and Tia & Tamera Mowry.

            StarFall Stories
Read along or have the website read to you your choice of stories from 6 different types of literature, including plays, fiction & non-fiction, comics, folk tales, Greek myths, and Chinese fables. These stories are a bit easier than the following sites.

Childtopia Stories
Read independently or have the site read the 20 interactive stories to you as you follow along. Be sure to answer the comprehension questions at the bottom of the story. The stories on this site are on-level.

Arthur Books

Read or have read to you lot of Arthur books.

            Mighty Book Stories
Choose one of the 6 interactive stories and the website will read it to you as you follow along. The stories on this site are on-level.

Fletcher Hill Entertainment Stories
Read the 20 online stories. These stories are a bit more advanced than the previous sites.

Book Websites




            Junie B. Jones

            Magic School Bus


            Magic Tree House

Reading & Language Arts Skills Games

            Spelling City
This website can be used as a substitute for Wednesday night spelling cheers homework (Parents, please indicate this substitution weekly in your child’s agenda if you choose to use it). Enter your spelling list on the first page, and then choose “Play a Game”. Choose 1 of 6 spelling practice games to play, including Word Search, HangMouse, Unscramble, Which Word?, Missing Letter, and Unscramble Sentences.

             Second Grade Reading Skills

Use all of the links on this site to practice many 3rd Grade reading skills through interactive games or tasks.

            Third Grade Reading Skills -- Advanced
Use all of the links on this site to practice many 3rd Grade reading skills through interactive games or tasks. 

This website has many interactive reading games.

            Word Frog
This vocabulary game allows students to practice matching synonyms (words with the same meanings), antonyms (words with opposite meanings), and homonyms (words with the same sound and spelling, but different meanings).

            Quia Class Page
Choose from the list of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” or matching games to practice language skills such as grammar, analogies, compound words, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, etc.

            FunBrain Word Games
Choose from the left hand side of the page (labeled Words) from a list of 13 games to practice language skills such as grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and even American Sign Language.

            The Reading Ring
Be the World Champion Word Wrestler! With this fun new Garfield website you can arrange comic strip panels into the correct order and answer comprehension questions about the completed strip to help your Word Wrestler win the championship. You must win 3 of the 5 rounds to win!


           Compass Learning
Work on assignments provided to you by your teacher.


Math Skills Games

            Online Math Manipulatives (The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives)
Use the “3-5” column to practice grade level math concepts or the “PreK-2” column to review previous concepts. The online manipulatives (much like the physical pieces used in class – cubes, base 10 blocks, fraction pieces, number lines, etc.) can be used to gain a better understanding of the math concepts. Concepts covered on this site include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, fractions, measurement, graphing, and more.

            Second Grade Math Skills

Use all of the links on this site to practice many 3rd Grade math skills through interactive games or tasks.

            Third Grade Math Skills -- Advanced
Use all of the links on this site to practice many 3rd Grade math skills through interactive games or tasks. 

FunBrain Math Games
Choose from the right hand side of the page (labeled Numbers) from a list of 20 games to practice math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, and more.

            Multiplication Games
Since multiplication is one of the main math concepts introduced and mastered in 3rd Grade, practice and memorization of these facts are important. Now this task can be fun as well! Choose from over 60 different interactive games to help you learn your multiplication facts.

           First in Math
Use your username and password to log into First in Math and practice your math facts to win points for our school!


Current Events
Being well-informed of the news and the world around us is one of the most important rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen. Keep up to date with all of the news stories with these “News for Kids” websites. Included in these sites are news articles relating to sports, politics, entertainment, science, technology, and much more!

Scholastic News

            Time for Kids

            Kids National Geographic
Virtual Field Trip
Use this website to take an online field trip to explore places such as The White House, the rainforest or other countries.



Search Engines

            Google Kids Search
This search engine is kid friendly for students to search on any topic in which they are learning or interested.

            Ask for Kids
If you have a specific question, this is your place! Type your question into the search engine and get a kid friendly answer.

           Longman Online Dictionary
This kid-friendly dictionary offers definitions that are easy to understand and even uses the word in a sentence! Just type your word in the search engine box at the top and hit enter.

           American Sign Language Online
Use this website to look up ASL signs for individual words. Use the alphabetical glossary of words on the right to look up your word. Then read how to perform the sign and watch the video of a person signing the word. Remember to practice it yourself!


Other Websites

            Mrs. Eberspacher's 3rd Grade Classroom Webpage

            Mrs. Peer's 3rd Grade Classroom Webpage

            Hurlock Elementary School

           Dorchester County Public Schools