Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Mr. Holden's Policy

All work is considered "on time" when it is submitted at the start of class on the day it is due. Any work received after that is considered late. Students can do the original work for half credit and double the work for full credit. Not all assignments will be graded. Some work is designed for students to practice without being penalized for mistakes in continually building their understanding.


District Policy


Students will be given multiple and varied opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum. A combination of daily grades and major assignments will be used to generate the student’s grade. A minimum of 18 grades will be recorded for each student during each quarter.


Grades are based on student performance in the curriculum. When letter grades are used, the following conversion table shall be in effect:


Letter Grade Percentages


A+ 100-97 A 96-93   A- 92-90


B+ 89-87   B 86-83   B- 82-80


C+ 79-77   C 76-73   C- 72-70


D+ 69-67   D 66-63   D- 62-60


F 59-0