TechnoKids is a technology curricul

um intergrated with subjects already taught in the classroom, allowing technology to be learned in context.

Students will complete 2 TechnoKids projects each year.

 Kindergarten    TechnoBasics - Kid Pix                             TechnoColor - Kid Pix

First Grade       TechnoLetters - Kid Pix                            TechnoBook - Microsoft Word

Second Grade  TechnoAuthor - Microsoft Word                TechnoAnimal - Microsoft PowerPoint

Third Grade     TechnoPirate - Microsoft Paint                  TechnoMummy - Microsoft Access

Fourth Grade  TechnoCity - Microsoft PowerPoint             TechnoPoet - Microsoft Word

Fifth Grade     TechnoHeadlines - Microsoft PowerPoint  TechnoState - Microsoft Word and Excel

Sixth Grade    TechnoRelic - Microsoft Access                    TechnoHero - Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer