About Me

My name is Gary Jack, and I am the music teacher and director at Woodberry Hills Elementary School! 

Thanks for stopping by my music shop!

I was born in Elmira, New York, and I am the son of Robert Scott Jack II, an Air Force veteran. We moved around a lot when I was kid, so I had the opportunity to live in several states including Ohio, Illinois, and now Virginia is the place I call home. Music has always been a passion of mine, and I have enjoyed singing and playing music since I was in church youth group. I picked up the saxophone when I was in 5th grade and continued playing through high school. 

During my junior year, I tried acoustic guitar and haven't looked back. I studied music education under Dr. Charles Kinzer at Longwood University and hold a Bachelors of Music Education and a Master's Degree in Science with a concentration in music curriculum and instruction.

I have been teaching elementary music for almost 14 years, and every moment has been a blessing and a learning experience. There's nothing like getting up in the morning and feeling energized to go in and to show kids what you love, why you love it, and to help to encourage them to love it too! My prayer is that the kids that I have the privlege to teach will be able to look back and to say that they'll always remember that man who never stopped talking about music and how they could become anything they want to be with the right attitude and belief in themselves! 

Again, thanks for stopping by and photos will becoming soon. You can also check out the Danville Public Schools Website at www.danvillepublicschools.org and look at Woodberry Hills Elementary to see what's going with our PTA programs and community functions!

music and blessings to you all!

G. Jack