Mr. Jack's Music Shop!


My name is Gary Jack, and I am the music teacher at Woodberry Hills Elementary School in Danville, Virginia! Thanks for stopping by! Here you will find helpful information about the music program at our school! Hope you enjoy:) 

When we come to music, all students must follow the Quaver 5

  • Be Safe (we walk in the music room and we use the appropriate voice level)
  • Be Polite (we use positive words like please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, I'm sorry, I accept your apology. We listen when others are talking.)
  • Be Cooperative (we follow directions the first time they are given, and we join in the fun!)
  • Be Responsible  (we tell the truth, and we take care of the musical instruments and equipment)
  • Be Kind (we talk to and about each other in a way that builds us up or helps us to improve. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves)

Our routine is very simple

  1. students come in and sit in their numbered spots. We briefly greet one another.
  2. Warm-up
  3. Song(s) we are working on for PTA or other event.
  4. Lesson from or other music resource
  5. fun activitiy (there will be mulitple throughout the time we're together)
  6. review
  7. close and line up to go back to our home room teacher.



Students can earn 2 dojo points for every class they abide by the Quaver 5

I occassionally bring in extras to make things more exciting:)

We have a guitar bulletin board in the room with a guitar for every class. When the students have a good day in music where they have followed the Quaver 5, the guitar is moved to a higher string. The first class in each grade level to get to the top during a nine week period is awarded the "Golden Quaver" to display in their classroom for a whole week:)!!!


Work It Out in Class

We try to solve our problems in the Music room. If there is a problem or a disruption, the following steps are taken to help  get the class back in tune. I go over these steps constantly, and the students are very familiar with them. 

  1. Reminder (Remember the Quaver 5)
  2. Child chooses to sit out for a few minutes and to think about his/her choices
  3. Child chooses to owe his/her teacher 10 minutes of their recess for that day or next
  4. Child chooses for me to contact his/her parent via phone, dojo, letter, email 

MUSIC is written on the board at the beginning of class. If the students keep all or most of the 5 letters the entire class, we know that music went well that day. When I have to wait for the class to pay attention or to get back on task, a letter is erased. This lets the class know that they are NOT on task and need to fix it.