Please Note... Mechanical Pencils are NO LONGER allowed in class!

Please make sure your child has standard pencils from now  on.   Thank you!

Students need the following supplies everyday...

pencil, pen, dry erase marker, notebook for Science and Math, eraser, silent reading book.

Welcome to BMMS 6 Grade Math and Science!

Important Dates...Month of APRIL

Geometry Quiz  Friday, 4-5-2013 (Covering angles, triangles, circumference of a circle)

Science Quiz   Friday, 4/5/2013  (covering Chapter 8 Lesson 1-3.) 

State TESTING starts the week of April 23, 2013.


ONLINE Class Resources :

Math textbook access with videos and practice problems: OR

Go to bottom left corner and type MS8CA 2-4  (2 represents the chapter # and 4 represents the Lesson #)

You can also use the Khan Acandemy website for vidoes and online practice. Go to

Science textbook website...  

username= bmms6student

password= b4bmms