Reflective Outline


I. Introduction


A.    HOOK  (Lead sentence that captures the theme of your essay while engaging the reader)

   B.  Expand upon or explain hook

C.     Tie into topic (quote)

D.    Expand on topic (quote)

E.     CONTROLLING IDEA  (Main idea or purpose of the paper)

II. Body

1st Topic Sentence (1st Rationale for controlling idea - specifics to support)

a. Connect to life experience (personal; social; educational; fictional)

b. Specify the importance of the experience (give specific details = play by play)

c. Analysis of the experience (thoughts/feelings of issue = what experience taught you)

d. Closer - reinforce controlling idea

III. Conclusion

  1. Restate the CONTROLLING IDEA

   B. Make a personal connection to reader (show how experience could be universal)

  C. Provide guidance for reader (what should reader take away from your experience?)   D. Closer