11H Prompts

Core paper options

  1. Reflect on a time that you were in great pain—physical, mental, or emotional—and how this experience changed you as a person.  Did this change you for the better or for the worse?  Do you regret this situation or wish that you could change it in any way?  Was this a temporary or a permanent change for you?  (Remember, this is a connection to the surgery awareness article)
  2. In putting yourself in Nick’s place, would you be able to live through such an experience?  Were you able to keep your composure in just spelling out a single sentence? Response must be three paragraphs.
  3.  Mario prompt         Now you get to start anew, still knowing all that you now already know        Consider all of the important events from your life that have made you who you are now        In considering this, what events or decisions might you change (Consider all aspects of what these life changes would mean for the new you)        Reflect on these incidents by including the choices previously made and what you would now do and how that will change you (hopefully for the better).