Born in Bonn, Germany in 1770.

Ludwig showed an interest in composing when he was a child.
Ludwig’s first music teacher was his father.
Beethoven went to Vienna to study music at age 17.
He returned home when his mother died, and he stayed home to help raise his younger brothers.
When Beethoven was 22, he moved to Austria and never returned to Germany.
He learned from Haydn, another great composer, and also played for Mozart!
Beethoven loved nature and often spent time in the country, where he composed a lot of his music.  He carried a little notebook with him, so he could write down his musical ideas.
At about age 30, Beethoven began to lose his hearing.  At first he tried to his hearing loss from his friends.
He continued to write music... even when he became totally deaf!
Beethoven tried many hearing devices, but none of them worked.
He could watch people's lips to understand what they were saying, or have them write what they wanted to say to him in a notebook.
Beethoven was not easy to be around.  He had a temper and was very demanding.  He criticized other musicians when they didn't perform his pieces the way he wanted them to sound.  His whole life was stormy and there were many sad and discouraging times for him.
His personality is shown in his music...
32 Piano Sonatas
Moonlight Sonata
Sonata Pathetique
Fur Elise
Fidelio (his only opera)
9 Symphonies
Choral Symphony …#9 (Ode to Joy)

Beethoven’s Fifth …#5

Pastorale …..#6
Beethoven died in Vienna in 1827.  It was storming when he died.  It is said that Beethoven raised his fist toward the storm and then fellback on his bed, dying.  About 30,000 people lined the streets at his funeral, in order to pay a tribute to the great composer. 
The composer Schubert died a year later, and was buried next to Beethoven.