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North Miami Middle School

Introduction to Computers – Syllabus 

I.         General Information

Instructor: Mr. Joshua Ho


Telephone: 305-891-5611, ext. 2115

Length of Course: 1 Semester 

II.        Course Description

Introduction to Computers is a one semester course in which students will learn how to use computers and a variety of software packages.  This course will cover the following computer applications: Typing, File Management (working with Windows), Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher), Adobe Creative Suite 5, Internet Research, and E-Mail. 

III.     Objectives

1.  Use the computer as a tool and be able to demonstrate its use in creating an electronic product.

2.  Demonstrate knowledge of the main computer applications used in business and be able to choose the appropriate application for a given task. 

IV.      Methodology

The class is highly interactive and requires the input of all students on a regular basis. Students may participate in any way that best suits their style and ability.  Students will work collaboratively with their peers, both informally and on more formally structured projects. The emphasis will be on preparing students to be self-sufficient learners as they move toward higher education. 

V.        Evaluations



Grading Scale

Home Learning


90 – 100 = A

Class Work


80 – 89 = B



70 – 79 = C



60 – 69 = D



Below 59 = F



  VI.       Class Rules

1.  Be on time.

2.  Sit at your assigned seats only.

3.  Bring your computer notebook, jump drive (flash drives), pens, and pencils every class.

4.  Be attentive while teacher or student who is called upon is talking.

5.  Bring no food, drink, candy, gum, and unauthorized electronic equipments to class.

6.  Handle all equipment properly.

7.  Verbal abuse is not tolerated.

8.  Follow Miami-Dade County Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy (

9.  Respect Teacher, Others, and Myself at all times. 

General Procedure for Infractions      

First offense       Verbal Warning

Second offense    Documentation in teacher’s record and action – Detention and phone call to parent

Third offense      Detention, Conference with parents and team leaders

Fourth offense     Referral 

·         Heading: A heading must be at the top of all assignments or papers presented.  They must have first and last name, the date due, the class period, and the subject. Failure to have any of the above would result in your assignment not being accepted.

·         Cornell Note taking system will be strongly recommended for class notes.( 

VII.    Supplies

1.  Solid notebook

2.  3-Ring binder

3.  1 jump drive (flash drive) 1GB or higher

4.  Blue or Black pen

5.  Pencils