We often need the following supplies.  We greatly appreciate any donations you can make to our classroom.

     *  Ziploc Bags with Zipper – Gallon, Sandwich sizes

     *  Kleenex Tissue

     *  Paper Towels

      *  White Copy Paper

     *  Colored Copy Paper

      *  Colored Construction Paper 

     *  Wide-Ruled Lined Paper

     *   Spiral Notebooks

     *  Pocket Folders with Fasteners

     *  Ticonderoga Pencils

     *  White Papermate Erasers

      *  Dry Erase Markers

     *  Prizes for our Class Treasure Box/Class Store - small items from the Dollar Store are great!

     *  Classroom Balls (rubber only, please)

PLEASE NOTE:  Students are not required to donate items.  Whether or not a family chooses to donate will have no effect on academic standing or participation.