If you may remember during our meet and greet as well as open house I told you all that we would be using a great web passed program called River deep. The great thing about river deep is that it ties in to our reading program treasures. I have assigned students assignments. These assignments should be completed with in a month.  Please have your child utilize this great website as it will tie along with what we are doing in the classroom.  The URL for river deep is as follows    


I would bookmark this page so you do not have to type it in every time your child visits the site. I also will be monitoring usage as well as scores. This will allow me more data to see where your student needs assistance.      

                    How to log in to River Deep? 

  1. Go to http://riverdeeplms4.broward.k12.fl.us
  2. Your students user name is their 10 digit student number type that in
  3. Your student’s password is 3751.
  4. Click login
  5. Then begin the activities. It is important to go in sequential order as the activities are set up in that manner.


Tests will be given on Riverdeep over the reading content covered in class. Students are expected to do this on their own as the data is used to assist me in assigning tasks for them to complete both on riverdeep and in the class room. The password for all tests will be 3751.  Please complete all prior assignments before taking the test. This helps the students tie up any loose ends and not making the test that much more of a challenge. All the questions are materials covered in class as well as on the riverdeep assignments. 

If you forgot your child's username please email me at Justin.Krellin@browardschools.com