Earth Science Projects

2nd Semester 1st Marking Period

Earth Science Rock Cycle Children's Book Project Due March 8th

Task: Create a children's book that takes a rock through each stage of the rock cycle.

Be sure to include:

  • A colorful cover
  • Dedication Page
  • Back cover synopsis
  • UPC Barcode and price
  • Specific description of rock at each stage
  • Accuratefollowing of rock cycle
  • A creative storyline (ie: the basketball playing rock)

Example Outline for Book:

  • Rock starts as a metamorphic rock (tell the type and describe it)
  • Goes through melting
  • Becomes magma
  • Solidifies
  • Becomes Igneous Rock (tell the type and describe it)
  • Weathers and Erodes
  • Becomes Sediments
  • Is Buried and Compacted
  • Becomes Sedimentary Rock (tell the type and describe it)
  • Heat and Pressure Applied
  • Back to Metamorphic Rock