Science and Social Studies


                                              SKELETAL SYSTEM AND PUMPKINS    


Last week we learned about the skeletal system. Students learned that their bones are under their skin as well as very important to us. Students learned that bones help us stand, walk, and do everything we love to do. We discussed how we need to eat foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk because they have calcium which is great for our growing bones! The students and I also learned that bones help protect some of our important organs such as our heart, brain, and lungs. Students learned that their largest bone is their leg and their smallest is inside the ear. Overall the students had a blast learning about our bones!

This week students will be learning about spiders! We will be talking about how a spider is different from an insect. What Spider's webs are made from, and other awesome facts about spiders. Students will even get the chance to make their own spider too!

 Next week we will be talking all about elections!