Weekly Poems

Here you will find the poems our class has been reading. This page will be updated either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the poem we are reading. I try to have the poems tie into what we are discussing in Social Studies/Science. PLEASE print the poems so you can read with your child at home! Finally thank you so much for your dedication to your child's academic success and ENJOY!

Poem of the week for…….. October 20-31
                                                            Ten Little Pumpkins

                                                            One little, two little, three little pumpkin
                                                            Four little, five little, six little, pumpkins
                                                            Seven little, eight little, nine little pumpkins
                                                            Ten little pumpkins growing in a patch.

                                                            Ten little, nine little, eight little pumpkins
                                                            Seven little, six little, five little pumpkins
                                                            Four little, three little, two little pumpkins
                                                            One little pumpkin growing in a path