Room Plan


This is the default seating arrangement, with students sitting in alphabetical order to begin with and seats facing towards the teacher/projector/board.  Over time, I will change the seating accordingly depending on student accommodations and behavior.  The layout may change as well depending on what we will do in class, i.e. group assignments, exams, etc.


My goal is to have a weekly powerpoint containing a weekly agenda, homework, relevant standards, and other announcements that I will present every day.  I will also make this powerpoint accessible on my website so students and teachers can access this later.


Emergency exits, fire extinguishers, shelter kits and first aid kits are clearly marked.  Procedures for fires, lockdowns, and shelter in place will follow the school’s procedures accordingly.


Students are expected to come to every class prepared and backpacks under their desk/behind their chair.  Having said that, extra supplies will be located in cabinets against the wall.


Daily classroom procedures will be posted somewhere in the classroom as follows:



    • Be seated in your assigned seat.  

    • Have all daily supplies out  

    • Sharpen pencil.  

    • Begin working on warm-up.

  • AS THE BELL RINGS (first 10 minutes)

    • Talking ceases.  

    • Continue working on warm-up.


    • Raise hand if you would like the teacher’s attention.

    • Be productive.

    • Remain in your seat unless told otherwise.

  • END OF CLASS (last 10 minutes)

    • Wrap-up of the lesson.

    • DO NOT pack up in anticipation of the bell, the teacher will let you know when to pack up.

    • Please remain seated until you are dismissed by the teacher, NOT THE BELL.


Behavior Expectations will be posted visibly in the classroom and frequently referred to:


Do things that will maximize the efficiency of my teaching and your learning:

  • Respect yourself, others, and your school.

  • Be responsible.

  • Listen.


What would prevent me from teaching and others from learning:

  • Disrespect of any kind

  • Inappropriate language

  • Keeping others from learning and feeling comfortable

  • Lack of self control

  • Not taking responsibility for your actions


Consequences will also be posted:


  • 1st Offense: Warning

  • 2nd Offense: Detention(lunch detention, trash pickup, etc.)

  • 3rd Offense: Parent Contact(phone call, letter, etc.)


For and overview of the Common Core State Standards: