Welcome Letter to Class

Letter to Class




Welcome to the school year!  My name is Mr. Linton and I will be your Global 10 teacher.  I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the class and introduce myself, and the course to you.  I also want to make you aware of the expectations I will have of you, as well as the expectations I will have of myself.  I will also give you the opportunity to express to me what your expectations are of me and what you hope to get from this course.

First, I want to make this pledge to you.  I promise to come to class everyday  and be ready to teach and work hard, not for my benefit, but for yours.  I promise that I will have all the required materials so that I can teach my lessons.  My lessons will be well planned and they will be relevant and pertinent to this course.  I will also treat each and every single one of you respectfully and cordially.  I will try my best to be aware of your individual needs as they pertain to this course.  All I ask from you in return is to treat me with the same respect and courtesy that I will treat you with.

As far as the classroom rules, there are only three: Be Punctual, Be Prepared, and Be Polite.  If you would like, we can come up with additional classroom rules together as a class, but I will hold all veto power since I am the teacher.  If you can follow these three simple rules then we will have an enjoyable school year together.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and I look forward to teaching you as well as learning from you.



Mr. G. Linton