2/26/10 - Well it seems that we keep missing so much school we keep getting further behind. The six weeks has been pushed back and now ends on March 15. That means that after the students lab time today, they have only four lab days left to reach their goal. Bridge to Algebra students must be on unit 36.1 while Algebra I students must be on 30.1. The assessment has been moved/postponed to Monday for about the third time.

2/9/10 - Students, make sure to keep your eye on the website as it has proved to be very useful for some students. Also, bonus points were awarded this past week to anyone who printed off the front page and brought it in. However, it was only posted online, so if you didn't see it online, then you really didn't know about it and therefore, got no bonus points. Be sure to keep checking back.

1/22/10 - First, I want to say thanks to all my students for wishing me a happy birthday tomorrow! I'm excited that midterms are over and I was overall pleased with the results. There were several students who really surprised me and performed very well. I'm happy that a new semester and a new six weeks is starting and for several students, that means a fresh start.

12/14/09 - Students need to be sure to check their agendas for any missing assignments. All make-up work must be turned into me by Friday so they can be graded and recorded over Christmas break. I will send progress reports home on the day we come back to school after Christmas break. At that time, any missing assignments will not be allowed to be made up unless it falls within the 2-day period that students are alloted to make-up assignments after returning to school from an excused absence.

11/19/09 - Welcome to our new class website. I'm hoping this website will help many students in our area who struggle with organizational skills. This website gives students a chance to check on daily activities and assignments via the web. I see many instances everyday where students fail to write in their agenda or jot down homework assignments. All homework assignments and the daily agenda will be posted on here so that even students who are not at school for any reason can still access and check to see what they have missed. I will also be adding today's notes and instructions for accessing cognitive tutor at home for students who have forgotten how or did not ask for instructions. I would suggest adding this website to your internet favorites so that you will always have the URL to access.