Classroom Policies/Procedures

8th Grade Mathematics
Mr. Love 

When I enter Mr. Love’s Classroom

1.    Enter Quietly
2.    Have a seat
3.    Take out your materials
4.    Sharpen pencils, if needed
5.    Write in your agenda
6.    Sit Quietly and wait for further instructions 

Collaborative Groups
1.    Quietly Locate my partner and quietly arrange desks so they face each other
2.    After I am re-located and situated, I am to remain quiet and wait for instructions
3.    Use Small Group Rules for remainder of Collaborative Groups 

Small Group Rules
1.    I am not Allowed to talk above a whisper without permission from my teacher
2.    I am to remain on my math topic for the duration of the class
3.    Before I ask the teacher a question, I will ask my partner and try to work through it
4.    I will raise my hand to ask the teacher a question, if I need assistance. I WILL NOT shout across the room
5.    I will work with my partner to make sure that I UNDERSTAND how to complete my assignment. If my teacher asks me, I
      should be able to present my answers to the class and provide a thorough explanation of how I got my answer.
6.    If my group finishes early, I will quietly work on something else without talking off subject to my partner
7.    With teacher permission, I may be able to help other groups
8.    At the end of small groups, I will quietly turn my desk to the original position and return to my normal seat and quietly wait 
     for further instructions

1.    When my group is called on to present, my partner and I will use the dry-erase board, smart board, or document camera,
      or other device my teacher chooses to present our work
2.    Without getting off subject, We will present our answers to the class and share with the class how we came up with our
3.    I understand that when I am presenting, I am the TEACHER and I need to explain it the best way I know how
4.    When I am finished presenting, I will erase my work and return to my seat quietly 

1.    Mr. Love expects me to treat everyone with respect
2.    Mr. Love expects me to be prepared for his class (pencil, math book, paper, and any homework or assignments
3.    Mr. Love expects me to be on time to his class
4.    Mr. Love expects me to follow all procedures and Guidelines 

My Penalty for not following Instructions           
Mr. Love keeps a record of my deviances from rules and my penalties are as follows:

1.    Loss of Break
2.    Parent Contact
3.    Write-Up/Office Referral 

Cognitive Tutor           

 You are responsible for completing your assigned units in Cognitive Tutor every 6 weeks. Just because you miss lab days does not excuse you from your assigned units. You have 2 lab days at school and access at home to help you complete your required units.