Below are the syllabi for both Bridge to Algebra and Algebra I

Eighth Grade
Whitley County Middle School
Mathematics Course
2009 – 2010 

Revised August 2009

 Teachers:                   Mr. Randy Love                           
Phone:                         (606) 549-7050 

Text book (s):             Carnegie Learning Bridge to Algebra Series (2009)  Volume 1 and 2

                                    ISBN – 13 978-1-934800-02-7

 Additional reference materials may include Infinite Pre-Algebra program.
Prerequisites for Course:

Successful completion of Seventh Grade Exit Criteria (Whitley County School District)

 Topics to be Covered / Course Description: 

Eighth Grade students will be required to complete subject matter related to Kentucky Core Content Mathematics standards (version 4.1), as outlined by the Kentucky Department of Education.

 Order of Material to be Covered:

            See Curriculum Planning Map (revised August 2009)

 Resources to be Used:

[1]        Carnegie Learning - Cognitive Tutor Company Bridge to Algebra series (textbook, student workbooks, online learning units)

                        Additional:     Manipulatives, calculators, marker board, practice sheets, document reader, Texas Instruments
                                                hardware/software, smart boards, computer labs, and possibly, guest speakers
 Technology to be Incorporated:Calculators, Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor, Infinite Pre-Algebra, STAR Math
                                                Assessment software, AccelTest Assessment software, Plato software, Cornerstone software, web-
                                                based programs, smart boards, computer labs, RiverDeep software, ThinkLink Assessment software, word
processing software (Word), spreadsheet software (Excel), document reader 

Planned / Common Testing Points:

Bi-Monthly assessments.


Each six weeks, students will be tested at approximately mid-chapter and at the end of each chapter in the Bridge to Algebra curriculum.  Common problems will be implemented to ensure that all students receive equal access to the curriculum. 

STAR Math and ThinkLink  Assessments will be used three times per year.  The CTBS and KCCT tests will be administered in the spring 
                                                of each academic year.  

 Performance Standards and Expectations:

         Each student is expected to participate in class, complete all daily work, and show acceptable knowledge of skills on tests.  Field trips
         may be included in the curriculum.  There is to be a project and open response included as part of each student’s assessment every six 
         week marking period. 

 Assessment and Grading:

Students will be assessed in a timely manner with grades being based on classroom participation, homework, tests, quizzes, STAR Math, Open Response items, and / or projects.  Six grading periods consisting of six weeks each will constitute an academic year.  The grading scale that is to be implemented is as follows:

                                                                                                91 – 100                A          
                                                                81 – 90                  B
                                       71 – 80                  C                                                                                                
65 – 70                  D
Below 65              F


Rubrics provided by Cats Open Response Released items and STAR Math may be used / incorporated into the course.  A Cognitive Tutor Goal Setting Guide will be distributed to all students, so each can pace themselves according to the learning goals of the curriculum. 

 Exit Criteria:

In addition to the successful completion of daily work and test materials, all students must also meet exit criteria standards set by the Whitley County Middle School addressing all core content areas.  These documents may be viewed at