Key Stage 3

Week 1 Task: This week you will be making a powerpoint for a school tuckshop.

You need to think of as many sweets and chocolate bars as you can. Then create a powerpoint presentation to display each product and its price. Use google to research prices and capture images of the products.

  • Use transitions and animations to make clicking through the slides more interesting for the user.
  • Use auto-shapes to create your price tags.
  • Use the format tool to layer and pictures and shapes.
  • Use 'Review' to spell check your work.


Week 2 Task: This week you will be using the information you collected last week to build a spreadsheet for the school tuckshop.

  • Open Excel and save a new excel file to your Computing folder called 'tuckshop'.
  • In Cell A1 add the title 'Product'.
  • In cell B1 add the title 'Price'.
  • List all your products in the first column and list all your prices in the second column.
  • Work out the sum total cost of all your products.
  • The school decides to offer a 20p discount on all your products. See if you can build this into the model.
  • The government imposes a 10% sugar on all of the products. See if you can build this into the model.
  • Add a column to show how many of each product you have in stock (you can make up the stock numbers).
  • Create a new column to show the total cost of each product (=price cell reference*stock cell reference).