Extra Credit

How to Raise Your Grade:


There are many way you can raise your grades.  Below are some extra credit activities.  If you have a project or idea in mind for extra credit, let's discuss.


For Language Arts: 

1. Write a newspaper article: Our class is in charge of writing the newsletter this year.  We need reporters to write about the interesting events that happen in our school.  We need people to interview the people that live and work in East Newark.  We need fun contests for the students to enter and win.  We need games for our readers to play.  We need artists to draw pictures.  We need poets to write the verses that will blow our readers' minds.  In other words, you need to help this newsletter shine with your brilliant ideas!

For Social Studies: 

2. Answer an "I Wonder..."  These are questions that came up in class that nobody knew the answer to.  Your job is to find the answer!  Write a paragraph describing the answer, include a picture and at least two books/websites that you used to find your answer.  


If your extra credit project is good I will add a point to your overall grade.  

If it is AWESOME, I will add two whole points to your overall grade!

a plus