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Hello Parents!  Here are the assignments for the week:


Language Arts 6-8 -All classes will be reading in class novels all week long - Spelling list #32 Pre test

Pre Algebra - p. 537-538 #4-24 all

History 7/8 - Begin Review for Civil War test (This one is going to be big!)


Lanugage Arts 6-8 -  6/7 will begin their final writing projects of the year, 8th graders will continue with their "This I Believe" statements

Pre Algebra p. 534-545 #1-25 odds AND #1-10 all



Language Arts 6-8 All classes will continue with their writing projects

Pre Algebra - chapter 9 reviewp. 553- #1-16

History 7/8 - Study guides will be handed out for Civil War Test - Test on Tuesday


Language Arts 6-8 - Writing projects for all grades

Pre Algebra -Chapter 9 Test prep - Test on Friday

History 7/8 -    Civil War Review Game


Language Arts  6-8 -   Spelling test and Novels

Pre Algebra- Chapter 9 Test

History 7/8 -   Continue Civil War Review Game (Test on Tuesday)