Computer Lab/Litarecy

Needed Supplies





College Marketing, Marketing Blitz, Trial Law are:
        Folder for handouts
        and a Pen or Pencil to write with.

For Keyboarding and Computer Applications classes:
        Motivation to learn how to type correctly
        Folder for handouts and a pen or pencil

This Business course runs every day for the year earning 1 credit, every day for half the year earning ½ credit, or alternating days also earning ½ a credit.

The yearlong Keyboarding and Computer Applications Class strives for many goals; one goal is for students to understand and value the first essential skill needed in the correct use of computer technology, proper keyboarding. Keyboarding is a foundational skill considered necessary to be successful in all advanced computer usage. A lifelong skill, keyboarding will be utilized in student studies for High School, College and future occupations. Today, students spend more time concentrating on how to keyboard using the "hunt and peck" typing method rather than focusing on the material they are composing. Therefore, this class will teach students proper keyboarding technique, posture, keystrokes, finger placement and reach.

In addition to learning proper keyboarding skills students will also learn; how to format term papers, reports, letters, and memos efficiently while using proper touch-typing techniques. Students will use Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point and Moviemaker) to explore word processing, spreadsheet use, creating multimedia presentations, and moviemaking applications.

This course is strongly recommended for all students.  

The ½ credit classes are a more general course with a basic approach to the Keyboarding and Computer Applications full - year course listed above. These classes will encompass the touch-typing technique as well an introduction to the use of the Microsoft Office Suite of application programs.