Monster Matchmaker Webquest

Monster Matchmaker






You there! Yes, you the sharp looking one.  No I’m not some cute little weirdo with wings and arrows.  Cupid’s the name, love is the game.  Problem is my bow seems to be busted.  My boss has all kinds of clients lined up for me to get together.  That’s where you come in pal.  I need your help fixing up characters from the world of fiction.  Call it an apprenticeship if you like.   Before you notch your first arrow you better think – What makes the perfect match?  You are going to be all over the world of fiction, throughout different time periods and across cultures to locate characters as potential mates.  This job is anything but easy, so think carefully about the matches you are going to make.   Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, you are limited to the character pairings you make – they cannot be human.  They must fall in the monster/mythical beast category.  Good Luck and Good Hunting!


During your quest you must identify at least three “monster matchups” that have the likelihood to succeed.  This, of course, is very subjective.  Which means you will have to convince your audience that your choices are valid.  A PowerPoint presentation you create will accompany your testimonials.  


Using links found below you will navigate web pages to find out about mythical, magical and monstrous characters that might make a great match.  Analyze their attributes and make sure to find details that will help to “prove” their compatibility.  Within your slideshow you will take the audience through five “must-haves” in a lasting relationship.   


A panel of judges, in the form of your classmates, will be used to evaluate the potential marriages.  The rubric found below will be used to assess the overall effectiveness of your work.
Creature AnalysisLittle effort made to research creatures and their attributesSome information concerning creatures, little analysis shownChoices show some creativity, knowledge of most creatures characteristicsChoices show creativity, highly aware of creatures characteristics
Presentation DeliveryLack of preparation is evident, slideshow is incompleteSome rehearsal is evident, slideshow adds some support Rehearsal is evident, slideshow adds support overallSteadily paced, well-developed slides, engages the audience
Compatibility(5 must-haves)Compatibility component is off topic or missingBare-bones items that do little to further the project, possibly redundantContains all five items, tends to be very generalOriginal, thought provoking ideas



We get to know characters in much the same way we get to know each other.  We pick up on things people say, things they do and how others feel about or react to them.  You have been able to learn something about the would-be spouses you paired up.  As an extension activity why not try to create a message board to ask others about their choices for monster matchups or create a storyboard for a new novel featuring the happy couples you’ve connected.