4th Grade Language Arts!


- Welcome to our 4th Grade Language Arts classroom Website! This website will be for all of the students to access when you need help on extra assignments, homework assignments, and to keep up with the latest school news! This School Year is going to be the BEST!  Homework will always be posted after class, so if you forget your assignments, they will always be online. 





- Good afternoon to my awesome 4th grade Language Arts class! I'm sure you all remembered to write down your homework assignment in class today, but just in case you didn't, it is posted below. 



- Answer the following questions, and bring them to class tomorrow to review for bell work: 


(1.) Which sentence is correct?


     - (A.) I want to read the book called "One and Only Ivan." 

     - (B.) I want to read the book called One and Only Ivan. 


(2.)  Which sentence is correct?


     - (A.) Almost everyone watched the movie Marley and Me.

     -  (B.) Almost everyone watched the movie "Marley and Me."


(3.) Which tense does the sentence use? 


We see a wide range of animals in the Aquarium.


  - (A.) Past Tense

  - (B.) Present Tense

  - (C.) Future Tense 


(4.) Which sentence has the correct capitalization? 


  - (A.) i called loudly to my dad, but he didn't hear me.

  - (B.) I called loudly to my Dad, but he didn't hear me. 


(5.) What is the pronoun in the sentence?


The Cowboys put saddles on them. 


  - (A.) Put

  - (B.) Them

  - (C.) Cowboys

  - (D.) On 


Oh no! We have Rules! :( 


(1.) Be Positive! Attitude is a powerful tool!


(2.) Be Productive! Use class time effectively, listen, and follow directions. 


(3.) Be Polite! Always be respectful to your classmates and teacher. 


(4.) Be Prepared! Always come to class with pencil, paper, and come ready to learn!


(5.) Have FUN!