ILA and Science This week

This is the week of Jan 31

It is Catholic Schools week.

The snow has left us behind with a lot to do.



We are into our Research papers.

Due this week.

1. Our topic. If you have not had your topic approved, you must as soon as possible. 

2. Your thesis statement is also due this week, by Wednesday. Please use the form given to choose the way you want to approach your thesis statement and then write out your statement to be shown to me.

 3. You should be researching your topic already. Choose two books, two magazine articles and any number of websites to work from. Be sure NOT to plagerize and practice paraphrasing the information you are reading. 

4. Use your note cards. We will discuss them further this week. 


1. You will be given Monday to complete your Of Mice and Men work from your folder.

2 You will be given Library time to choose books for your research project.

3. Don't forget you are still responsible for Literature Response work for two books you have read in this trimester.


We will be introduced to Lesson 8.

We will be tested in vocabulary Lesson 7


You will be asked to work in a team and create a Geological time Chart.

It will have ERAS, PERIODS and EPOCHS

It will be COLOR CODED

It will have EXAMPLES in words or PICTURES of life during that time.

It will have the LENGTH IN TERMS OF YEARS OR MILLIONS OF YEARS of each time segment.

You will do most of this in class. But you will research at home bringing in copies of other charts or information you have researched from the internet (google geological time or geological time scale) into class to help in your work. 

During the class, we will move on to the subject of Oceanography when you are not working on your Time Chart.