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Instructor : Mr. Jeff Miller

Office : Chun-eun Kwan 523

Telephone : 031-280-3914

Email :

Textbook : Q: Skills for Success - Listening and Speaking Intro

Class Online Practice Code : C-238-928-0803









This class is an introductory English conversation class. You will be expected to speak in class. This class is designed to improve the students’ abilities through the use of the language. Therefore the more you speak English in class the more you will improve. It is expected that you speak English not only to the instructor, but also to your classmates.




  1. Quizzes   : 20%
  2. Listening Test   : 20%
  3. Speaking Test : 20%
  4. Communicative Activities   : 15%
  5. Online Practice                  : 5%
  6. Attendance : 20%


Class Participation

      In order to earn a good grade in this class, participation must be taken seriously. Participation accounts for 20% of your final grade. These marks are very easy to obtain if you think about the following questions.

Do I take part in the activities in a meaningful way?

Do I speak English or Korean in class?

Do I complete the class assignments?

Do I try to improve my English?

Continuous Assessment

      If you try your best in class, you can achieve good grades. Try to interact only in English during class time. The participation marks will be based on task comprehension, preparation, team work, pronunciation, fluency, communicative ability, grammar, and sentence structure.


       It is very easy to earn this 20% of your grade. Just come to class. Please remember that:

          * arriving after the class start time is late.

          * 3 late arrivals are considered an absence.

          * arriving 40 minutes late is an absence.

If you arrive late it your responisibility to tell me when you arrive. 

The Key to Success = Speaking English in Class

      Please do not worry about your current level of spoken English. I am here to help you improve. I would like all of you to do very well in this class and to improve a great deal. The best way to improve is to come to every lesson and participate actively in the lesson. If you speak English in every lesson you will do well.